Better security in minutes

Suspicious Login Detection API

A single endpoint API to notify your users when there's been suspicious login activity on their account.

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Getting setup with Zenlogin takes just minutes.

Paste in some code, fill in some fields and you've just added a layer of security to your product or service.

Paste a small code snippet.

We support all major server-side languages. Drop in a few lines of code to get Zenlogin up and running.

Customize your level of security.

Choose how sensitive you want login detection to be and fill out a few fields for the emails we'll send.

Protect your users.

That's it! Zenlogin is now monitoring user logins and will notify them if anything seems suspicious.

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Powerful login detection that stays out of your way.

Integrate Zenlogin once and forget about it. Know that your users are being well taken care of, while we monitor for any suspicious login activity.

Single endpoint

No personal info stored

Beautiful emails

AI-Powered Detection

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Let your users know they're well taken care of.

When users receive a suspicious login email, it tells them you're looking out for them. Not only are you protecting their account, but you'll give them warm fuzzies every time they get notified about a login.

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Complete privacy

We don't store user data.

Rest assured, your user's information is safe. We don't store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on our servers by default. Emails are all handled by Postmark and they're as secure as it gets. Learn more


Protect your user's accounts.

Zenlogin handles suspicious logins, so you don't have to.

Built for developers

Zenlogin is built to make developers lives easier. Preset sensitivity levels, simple integration and prebuilt notification emails.

Designed for security

A security API through and through. We guarantee this is the easiest way to add a layer of security to your application, website or service.

AI Sensitivity Controls

Smart AI that detects threats that wouldn't otherwise be possible, and notifies your users of them.

Maps Integration

Beautiful maps built into email notifications so your users can quickly visualize if their account has been compromised.

Custom Rules

Create special rules so your team members can get notified whenever a login happens on their account.

Detailed Logs

Keep track of all suspicious logins for your users including all the details you'll want to track.

Let your users know you care.

Secure your users accounts with a few lines of code.