This page will briefly outline our integration with Cloudinary.

Logo Requests

When you upload a logo to Zenlogin, we store it securely in an AWS S3 bucket of ours. We then use Cloudinary to run a series of transformations against that image to ensure it is properly sized for the following conditions:

  • High-density screens
  • Trimmed of whitespace and transparent pixels
  • Resized for responsive emails

We make requests to Cloudinary from both the Zenlogin Admin area as well as from within HTML emails your users may receive. However, because requests are routed through our own AWS Cloudfront distribution, your user's User Agent and IP Address are not received by them. Additionally, Cloudinary is not able to store cookies on your user's browser.

Icon Requests

Zenlogin gives you the ability to customize the color of the icons in our Login Email Notifications. This allows you to keep your emails on brand by defining colors consistent with your website, app or product.

Delivering on-demand icons that change color requires the use of a dynamic image service like Cloudinary. So when your users see an icon for a clock or pin in an email, that icon is again being processed by Cloudinary, however the same checks-and-balances are in effect: Cloudinary cannot track your user's User Agent or IP Address, and cannot set a cookie on their computer.