Sender Signatures

This page will briefly outline how our Sender Signature system works.

Sender Signatures

Sender Signatures are ways for us to send emails on your behalf. By default, any Login Email Notifications are sent from However, we strong recommend that you add a Sender Signature so that we can send emails from an address you define.

By adding a Sender Signature, it increases the likelihood of users opening the Login Email Notifications, and trusting them. Here's how to get this setup:

  1. Login into your Zenlogin account
  2. Head over to your Account Settings
  3. Enter the email address you would like Login Email Notifications sent from
  4. You'll be sent an email from our partner Postmark to confirm that you have acesss to that email address.

That's it. Login Email Notifications will now be sent from that email address. You can remove access to this Sender Signature at any time from the same Account Settings page.