Rate Limiting

This page will briefly outline our Rate Limiting process.

Rate Limiting

We have two types of rate limiting: soft and strong.

With soft rate limiting, once you reach your plan limits, we'll continue to send you emails to alert you of your overage until you make the required changes. If, however, you reach 150% of your allowed quota, your account may then reach a strong rate limit, whereby we won't process any new API requests until your plan is upgraded.

In addition to this, we have strong rate limits in place incase quotas are used too fast. For example, if your account routinely send 5 emails per minute, and then all of a sudden that spikes to 50, it may signal a bug in the API requests you're sending (which we can detect and prevent from sending unnecessary email).

Account Freezing

Accounts may be frozen if they exceed thresholds for the number of requests processed or emails sent. This is done to prevent accidental email abuse to your users, as well as ensure a high deliverability. The following conditions may lead to an account being frozen:

  • Exceeding a maximum number of hourly emails
  • Exceeding a maximum number of daily emails
  • Exceeding a maximum number of weekly emails
  • Exceeding a maximum number of hourly requests
  • Exceeding a maximum number of daily requests
  • Exceeding a maximum number of weekly requests

Accounts are automatically frozen by our system, and you'll be emailed of this when that happens.

A real-world use-case on how emails or requests exceed our internally defined thresholds would be if you accidentally make calls to our API in a loop, or encounter some other bug whereby API calls are made in excess.

What to do what your account is frozen

If you're landing on this page because you received an email notification that your account has been frozen, please contact support so we can work with you to determine the cause of the account freezing and get your susipicous login system back up and running.